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Our parties are fun and energetic. Our aim is to get all the children motivated and moving around as much as possible and, by the end of the party, we hope they’ll be exhausted. We entertain them with a mixture of warm up games, sporty games and finish off with our very big parachute! Some of the games the children may play are:

        - Up and down cones - Aye Aye Captain/Peppa Pig/Mr Men warm up - Basketball
  - Sandwich Race (bat & ball) - Collect the clown’s nose
- Javelin throwing

- Various ball games

- Popcorn fun - Football


What age are the parties for?
    - Our parties are for age 18 months to 10 years and can be tailored to your child’s needs.

Is food provided?
    - We don’t provide food … this has to be provided by the party organiser.

Who provides the equipment?
    - All equipment is provided by Little All Sports.

Are there regular intervals for refreshments?
    - We ensure that the children stop in between some games so they can catch their breath and take a drink.

When is the latest time we can let you know about extra children /children not attending?
    - You can let us know of any changes as late as the day before the party but, if you are informed of children not attending, we will only deduct the cost if we are informed more than 4 days before the party (this applies to "extra children" not the ones included in the basic party price).

We would like to theme our party?
    - We will try and accommodate a particular theme but we may have to charge a small cost to cover supplies and time.

Do parents need to participate?
    - No, sit back and relax and we’ll do all the work for you.

Do Little All Sports give anything to the children attending?
    - At the end of the party, we give every child a sticker and certificate.

Do you have any merchandise we can give out at the party?
    - If you would like to purchase our Little All Sports water bottles to give out instead of party bags, please ask us for costs.
      They are great filled with chocolates, sweets or other items or simply as it is.

Do we know of a hall for hire?
    - If you are looking for a hall, please ask us as we may be able to help.


Hire of Little All Sports (local to Walton-on-Thames)

Email or ring us for costs

60 minutes of games for up to 15 children

90 minutes of games for up to 20 children (food served afterwards)

90 minutes of games for up to 20 children (games can be played before and after food is served allowing you flexibility)

Extra children will be charged at £3 per child

Parties (more than 5 miles away) will incur a minimum of £10 travel and time cost.  Cost to be discussed at booking.

If your child(ren) currently attend our pre-school Little All Sports sessions (excludes nurseries and after school clubs) you qualify for our 10% discount.