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Q and A

Do we run half-termly or full-termly sessions?
We operate on a half-termly basis. Please note that we do not offer drop-in sessions.

How long are our sessions?
We have action packed sessions lasting 40, 45, 50 or 60 minutes depending on which class you choose.  They include include fun activities and games which will assist children to warm up and stretch their bodies fully before taking part in active mini sports.  We will end the sessions with the children’s favourite apparatus - the “parachute”.  After each session they will receive a sticker which rewards them for doing their best and a healthy piece of fruit.

How many children in the class?
We allow a maximum of 14 children per class as we do not wish to overload our classes.  This will then ensure that every child matters and they have time to develop their skills both individually and as part of a team.  Within this social environment they can seek praise, encouragement and guidance from both coaches and parent/guardian.

Are the classes open to girls and boys?
Yes. We encourage both girls and boys to join us at Little All Sports. Everyone needs to exercise their body to stay fit and healthy.

What sports do we offer?
Little All Sports is a pre-school multi-sports company where we encourage your child to try lots of different sports to suit their age-group. We believe children deserve the chance to enjoy sports in a fun and friendly way.  If we can inspire them to get healthy and fit from a young age, this will give them a great start in life and hopefully help them become super sport stars when they grow up!

We will start the term off gradually introducing them into all of the sports below in a gradual and fun way, building their skills up each week.  We aim to make it fun and exciting … they won’t even know that they are doing any exercise or working hard!!!

 The sports we are offering here at Little All Sports are:

Autumn / Winter

All Round Ball Skills  

Spring / Summer

All Round Ball Skills

What happens if you miss a lesson?
No refunds can be given for missed lessons. If your child is ill or we have had to cancel the session due to unforeseen circumstances, we will try our utmost to accommodate you in another session providing there is space and our maximum number of children has not been reached.  Please note that all make-up classes have to be taken during the same half-term and the missed class cannot be transferred to another child.

Can I join mid term?
Yes. Please contact us for a FREE trial lesson and if you decide to sign your child up to Little All Sports, you will only pay for the sessions remaining for that particular half-term. Membership is due at sign-up whether it is at the beginning, mid or end of the term.

FREE trial ... what does it mean?
Every child, regardless of who brings them to the session, qualifies for only one FREE trial.

Who is entitled to the 10% discount for parties?
All children who have paid our one-off membership fee and are current active members are eligible for 10% off Little All Sports parties.  See parties for more information.

Do we give sibling discount?
We offer a 5% sibling discount to two or more siblings who have both paid the Little All Sports one-off membership fee.  Please note, our membership is not applicable to any children attending our after school clubsl, nursery sessions or children centres.

Do you hold spaces from one half-term to another?
Spaces are not guaranteed due to demand so do not delay and book your child's space as soon as the term date letters get sent out.

What parent/guardian involvement is required?
We are very keen to encourage interaction between children and their parents/guardians and you are just as important as your little ones and we encourage your participation throughout our sessions … it won’t be anything tricky we promise but they will love you getting stuck in!  Equally, if they are independent and want to do it on their own, we encourage that.

Can you bring your younger siblings?
Please feel free to bring them but please ensure that they do not get in the way of the children who are being taught by us.  This is for everyone's safety. 

Our emails (especially hotmail accounts) sometimes find their way into junk mail folders.  Please always check there especially if we've said that we'll email you.